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my sport my world

We at monobomb created my sport my world because we want to give other people the opportunity to do good, simply with their favorite sport.




For every two products sold from our my sport my world collection, we plant a tree, thus increasing biodiversity in European forests and making a further contribution to climate protection.

monobomb brings sustainable streetwear among unicyclists and has created the collection “my sport my world” to do even more for climate protection. Together with you!


Our tree partner

Together with our partner Wald4Leben, we plant trees in northern Lower Austria amidst organically managed agricultural land.


Why Austria and not Germany? It’s simple: In Germany we asked many organizations and either the trees were planted at the other end of the world or the hurdles to do good were simply too high. Nevertheless, we wanted to stay as regional as possible and so we looked around in our neighboring countries and came across Wald4Leben.

What our athletes say

Tamás Kiss

Mountain Unicycling & Unicycle Trial – Allgäu, GER

Whether on a unicycle or on foot, the forest relaxes and calms you. It offers shade on warm days and every now and then something rustles in the bushes. Because I want to preserve and strengthen these experiences, I have launched this campaign with monobomb. So that all those who come after us can also enjoy the forest as a refuge.


Linda Karakas

Trailrunning – Allgäu, GER

Have you ever bathed in the forest? No? - This is pure energy recharging!!!
Running, feeling the soft ground, listening to the rustling of the leaves and smelling the scent of moss.
- Of course, this goes but also all sitting, walking or lying - the main thing is: BE IN THE FOREST 🙂
In order to preserve it for us, I am happy to support this campaign from the bottom of my heart


Robert Kiss

Tennis & Triathlon – Odenwald, GER

Tennis is a great sport that combines various components of athleticism, fighting spirit, strategy and tactics with mental fitness. It can be ideally played as a competitive sport, but also as a recreational sport with family and friends. Unfortunately, tennis is not one of the most sustainable sports. Tennis balls have to be replaced with new ones on a regular basis. And several times a year, tennis equipment manufacturers offer new collections for sale. Thus, unfortunately, the sport of tennis integrates itself into today's throwaway society. For this reason, it is our duty as tennis players to protect and preserve nature. I would like to make my contribution to this by supporting this campaign.


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